To be highly efficient in providing an organized system of measuring quality patient care by maintaining health records that are documented adequately and accurately at a timely manner, readily accessible and permits prompt retrieval of information including statistical data.



The Health Information Management commits to:

  • Ensure that every health record is completed, filed and accurate medical statistics is generated.
  • Guarantee that all births delivered in the hospital are encoded and registered accurately at a timely manner, while all death certificates are produced accurately.
  • Maintain all health records according to the law and provide patients’ medical information for legal purposes, insurance claims and other properly authorized requests.
  • Protect the confidential nature of patients’ records and assure safekeeping.


  Health Information Management

  HIM Satellite

  ER Registration

  LRU Admitting

  Main Admitting

  OPD Records

  24 hours Hospital Census Consolidation and Death Certificate