VSMMC joins the celebration of THE WORLD PATIENT SAFETY DAY with a theme “Act Now for Safe Maternal and Newborn Care”.





“The measure of a master is his success in bringing all men around to his opinion twenty years later.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
We never thought we could grow into what we are now if not for the vision, tenacity, grit, persistence, and passion palpable in the leadership of DR. GERARDO M. AQUINO, JR. for over a decade. Taking us through a 180-degree turn had its fair share of painful challenges but we never backed down because we were led by a Medical Center Chief who dreamt and worked with us without making excuses, justifications, and “no” for an answer for the interest and development of public service.
Today, we enthusiastically welcome the Philippine CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION's (CSC) announcement of Dr. Gerardo Aquino, Jr., Medical Center Chief II, as one of the ten SEMI-FINALISTS of the Presidential LINGKOD BAYAN AWARD at this year’s Search for Outstanding Government Workers (Individual Category).
Thank you for taking us to new heights, Dr. Aquino. You continue to inspire us to raise the bars we have set upon ourselves in the service of our people. Thank you for being a great inspiration and motivation to always move forward for quality and excellence in the healthcare landscape.
We wish you the best of luck. For us, you have already won.
To our STAKEHOLDERS, this achievement is for everyone who believes in the brand of care of VSMMC. You are our CHAMPIONS in this endeavor. Please continue to be our great partners in progress.